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Human beings came a long way from their primitive days engaged in walking in the forests, to later days of riding animals, to the current one where they drive motor vehicles to all parts of the globe and even beyond it at extremely high speeds. Cars play a significant part in helping them travel to various destinations of their life that they are required to travel on a regular basis. Most people in the developed world prefer to drive their own vehicles to travel to their work places, places of worship, shopping arcades, vacation trips, children’s schools, sporting games, craft shows, annual fairs etc. Having a car of their own helps them to save a significant portion of their time otherwise would have been wasted on waiting for public transportation of taxi cabs to fetch them to their prospective destinations.Not everyone among the general populace look at their vehicles as a means of transportation alone. For many people, their vehicles are a powerful part of their lives, and they love it for the performance aspect of these powerful machines. Avid car lovers like Jay Leno, the famous comedian and host of ‘the Late Night Show’, love their power packed machines for the sheer horsepower associated with them as well as the ease of manoeuvring them on the busy streets, even at extremely high speeds. Of course, the responsible and sensible ones among them would never let these high horse power vehicles show its true ability in busy streets and risk their own lives and that of other people who share the same roads with them at the same time.Here, let us take a look at the top three vehicles for their performance capabilities.Dodge ViperWhen it comes to performance, the Dodge Viper is one of the meanest power houses out there in the market. Dodge is not a car maker known for their sophistication of their vehicles. At the same time, Dodge users are not looking for highly sophisticated vehicles to be driven around either. Hence, this model is a performance car that is known for the sheer amount of horse power it possesses. At 640 horse power, the V10 engine that is powering this monster can let you scorch the streets with its raw power. Obviously, this is not a car for someone who is not sure behind the steering wheel. If you go full throttle and do not control the vehicle properly, you are likely to reach your grave within hardly anytime at all. You could reach 60 mph in around three seconds mark. In expert hands, the Viper could hit this speed around two seconds mark. At $ 120,000 this is definitely a performance car that ranks as the best among its class!Ferrari F355 F1Various sports cars from Ferrari brand have been the favourite ones among car aficionados for a long time now. The Ferrari F355 F1 Berlinetta is one of the meanest machines from their stable. When it comes to its performance levels, it is in a class of its own. At 375 horse power, the car can provide you sufficient power to reach any destination in a very short period of time. In able hands, the Berlinetta can reach 60 mph in less than 5 seconds of time. Of course, you must try this only if you are sure about your driving skills. If you are in your beginning stages of mastering a high performance vehicle, be extremely careful in trying your driving skills on this one!Shelby Series 1Carroll Shelby is known for the vehicles designed and created at his watch and the impressive performance provided by these powerful machines. Shelby Series 1 is a 320 horse power car created by him for Shelby American and has been a rage among car lovers for some time now. Unlike the bunch of other cars reengineered by Shelby, this particular model is completely a baby of the car maker. He designed the car on paper and built it from scratch and came out with a very powerful and aesthetically crafted performance car.What aspect of a performance car like Porsche is likely to make it in to a darling of the masses? The power of the car is responsible for playing one of the most important parts in this. But, the horse power in itself is not the key aspect. The horse power in relation to the car’s weight determines the efficiency of the car. As a heavy car needs a lot of power to accelerate it than a lighter car, the power to weight ratio of a car can play a very important part in its efficiency levels. Among the three cars discussed above, the Dodge Viper has the highest power to weight ratio and this helps it to stay on top of the other two in performance.

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Natural leather chamois’ have been used to dry vehicles and glass since the early 1700s where they were used by French “footman” responsible for the care and cleaning of carriages. They are no less effective or useful today for drying modern vehicle finishes and windscreens. Natural chamois cloths have been, and continue to be, used because they are durable, extremely soft, remove dirt and trap in the cloth away from the surface, and release dirt effectively when rinsed. And although many products have been introduced in recent years as better or less expensive substitutes for the chamois, none have the combination of these characteristics that make the natural leather chamois so useful and effective.What is a Natural Leather Chamois?A chamois, like any leather product, can last for years with proper care. A genuine leather chamois cloth is defined by the National Standards Body in the UK (British Standard BS 6715: 1991) and, in America, by the United States Federal Standard (CS99-1970) as “flesh split of the sheep or lambskin tanned solely with oils”; typically fish oils. Although they may be tanned in many different countries, the best chamois’ hides come from New Zealand. However, because they may be tanned in some other country, many chamois cloths that originate in New Zealand are labeled as “made in” or “product of” some other country; this is a result of the regulations that govern labeling. A genuine leather chamois will have a slight fish oil smell and will fade if left in direct sunlight.The Softness of Chamois LeatherChamois leather is one of the softest materials available for drying a car or truck. Like the chamois skin the original cloths were made from, sheep or lamb skin has a naturally open fiber structure. The open fiber structure has spaces or voids between the fibers that, combined with the frayed fiber ends, give a chamois leather its softness. When tanned with fish oils, soaps form in the loose weave of the fiber of the leather. These soaps give the cloth a slick feel when wet and create a “buffer” layer between the body of the chamois and the surface of the vehicle. It is the same fish oils that make it extremely absorbent and durable.Although a genuine leather chamois will become stiff when dry, it may be re-softened by rewetting the cloth. To re-soften a chamois without wetting it, simply rub it against itself or grip it on either side and drawing it across the edge of a hard clean surfaceNatural Chamois NapThe spaces naturally created by the loose weave of the sheepskin and the frayed ends of the fibers that stick out from the weave create the “nap” or pile of a chamois. Nap is what gives a material a soft feeling and provides the pockets in the material that dirt and grit are pulled into and trapped. The natural nap of a chamois, and the soaps created by the tanning process, are what traps and retains dirt grit and water in a leather chamois. A large degree of nap is essential to any car drying product to keep from scratching or marring the finish. The advantage a natural leather chamois has over synthetic materials is that it not only traps the dirt, grit and water, but then releases the abrasive material when rinsed. Many synthetics are good at trapping dirt and grit, but then do not effectively release them when rinsed; causing the material to become increasingly abrasive over time.Chamois Leather is Extremely AbsorbentA quality natural leather chamois will hold, on average, more than 5 times its own weight in water, while retaining the ability to be easily rinsed and wrung out. A 20oz cloth will hold 0.8 gallons of water. The loose weave of the fiber in leather chamois will not only release more dirt and grit than synthetic products, but will also release more water when rung out, making it an ideal material for drying a car.Chamois as a Renewable ResourceIn addition to being soft, absorbent and durable, a natural sheepskin chamois is organic and a natural byproduct of the sheep farming industry. In addition to providing a large percentage of the world’s food and natural fiber (in the form of wool) production, Sheep farming also produces numerous essential byproducts such as lanolin, tallow, gelatin and leather, to name a few. It is a renewable and sustainable resource that has been an essential part of the world economy for several millennium and promises to remain so for the foreseeable future.SummaryBecause of its natural properties, a leather chamois remains the most cost effective, safe and efficient product available for drying a car today. Although many newer materials and products have been introduced since Chamois first came into use in the early 1700′s, none have the unique combination of properties that make the chamois ideal for drying vehicles; And all, but the most recently introduced, have eventually fallen into disuse.Properly maintained, a natural leather chamois can last for years. They are also extremely absorbent and cut down on drying time. Natural chamois cloths are extremely soft, especially when wetted, and protect the finish being dried with both soaps infused into the open fibers during the tanning process and by trapping dirt and grit away from the surface in the naturally occurring nap. So regardless of the numerous new products that are continuously made available for drying a car, a natural leather chamois is still the Best and Safest Car Drying Cloth.